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Why Choose Halverson Law

Unlike many large state-wide bankruptcy firms, Halverson Law Office provides one-on-one contact with clients.  Our office is one of the few that allows you to personally meet with your lawyer from the get-go.

We will not simply sell you a bankruptcy without even considering other options.  Bankruptcy is often the most efficient and practical resolution for financial problems.  But if you can’t file bankruptcy or would prefer not to file bankruptcy, we will pursue other means of debt resolution.  If you go to a law firm that “exclusively” files bankruptcy, you are probably going to be sold a bankruptcy without exploring other options.

Halverson Law Office and its predecessors have operated throughout southern Minnesota for over thirty years and thus has over thirty years of experience filing bankruptcy cases.  Mr. Halverson is a certified bankruptcy specialist – one of very few in the state. There is an extensive application and testing process to obtain and retain this status.

In addition to maintaining a private bankruptcy/debt relief practice, Mr. Halverson served for over two decades as an administrator (trustee) for Chapter 7 and Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases.  He served on the committee that drafted the local bankruptcy rules many years ago and currently serves on the committee that maintains the rules. He is intricately familiar with the laws, rules and procedures of bankruptcy practice.

We see our difficult cases through to conclusion— and through appeal when necessary. That perseverance has contributed to the good relationship Mr. Halverson has with the Bankruptcy Court of the District of Minnesota and an exemplary reputation amongst other attorneys.  Mr. Halverson is in fact frequently referred difficult cases by other bankruptcy attorneys and often steps in and attempts to clean up cases other attorneys file that have problems.

About Mark Halverson

Mark Halverson has been practicing law in the state of Minnesota since 1980. He received his legal education from Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, MN and his undergraduate degree in Public Administration and Political Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Halverson’s law practices have an emphasis on bankruptcy, commercial litigation, probate, real estate and criminal law. His bankruptcy capabilities encompass Chapter 7, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.

Halverson recognizes how stressful and uncomfortable it can be to file bankruptcy, so he and his staff treat each client like a real human being.

Community Involvement

Client Testimonies

“Thank you for taking the time to sit with us a while back and go through our options and the process for filing bankruptcy. For the first time, we felt we actually had some options and we were made to feel like humans again. Up to that point, we had be treated so poorly and it can become very draining!”
“Halverson Law Office actually listens and gets back to you in a timely manner. Mark and his staff are so kind and treat you with such dignity.”
“Mark and Pam are so kind and professional. I could not speak of them any more highly.”